A wordy reflection

My blogging debut. It seems the way to begin is to go backwards. No, not too far back…a little further forward…that’s it. Stop there. Five years ago an amazing thing happened. A little girl won hearts with her flame of hair and winning smile. It began as a fundraising drive, a quest for an accessible vehicle. As is the way with quests, the destination became an adjunct to the adventure along the way. Friends and family had been waiting for an opportunity to help so they jumped right in. I was overwhelmed by their efforts but not surprised ( they are gorgeous you know). What brought tears upon thinking about that time today, was the kindness of strangers. The countless donations of raffle prizes,  pocket money sent to the little girl in the paper…the warm community hug. I needed to remember. To think of where we have been makes me grateful. Reflection is marvellous thing, when used in moderation, and it’s what I hope to do here. To share my thoughts and, hopefully, reflect your beauty back at you….like Sunshine in Puddles.


6 thoughts on “A wordy reflection

  1. Well done in your debut blog. The memory of such a sweet time in your life was lovely to read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shelley you have a wonderful way of using words to paint a picture of Kiah and her travels through life with her old w/chair, and now a new chapter begins!! xxxx

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