Journey schmerney

Life is a journey. Is it? There is some truth in that but it makes our days sound like a wander through sunny fields of orange and yellow daisys.  I have a different word for you. Marathon. Now you are picturing a long, tiring, sweaty mess. Much more accurate. You still see the occasional pretty flower but don’t have much of a chance to stop and enjoy it. And this marathon is interspersed with sprints. There is no route map and you never know when a sprint will be announced. You are just Cliff Young-shuffling along when life says “NOW…run”. The sympathetic nervous system  springs into action releasing adrenaline, increasing heart and respiratory rates while you race toward some unseen flag until…well, until you don’t have to anymore. Unfortunately, it’s straight back to long distance for you. And do you know what I have noticed? There is no support person along the way. Sure there are family and friends and a whole team of health care, therapy and teaching folk but I want a runner allocated just for me. That marvellous person who is always there with a drink of water or a fresh towel to catch the dripping sweat. But I want coffee. As the call comes for another sprint to emergency department at the Childrens’,  I’d like to see someone running alongside with spare clothes and nappies, missy’s favourite doll and a half strength skinny cappuccino with one sugar.

Parenthood is such a test of endurance …add in additional needs for a super-sized version. Always on duty even when on an apparent break. Always needing a full tank of petrol and a clear head. And the washing! Imagine a new born in a ten years old’s body and the volume of fun stuff that would be produced. Four hundred and fifty kilometres and a whole bottle of Preen Oxi action. That describes this week. But I keep running…metaphorically you understand, actual running is kept to a minimum. And the best bit (despite the lack of caffeine-addiction-feeding helper)? There is no trophy for this particular race but a whole lot of prizes along the way and a great bunch to run with.


3 thoughts on “Journey schmerney

  1. you need a knight in shinning armour to rescue you and hang down your hair so he can climb up and be there for you, you need our support and love, but most of all we need you. Take care of yourself and if there is anything we can do to help, please just ask…love to you Shelley you are amazing xxxxxxxxx

  2. Lovely Shell, yes it’s true. You barely get time to shuffle let alone stroll and yet there is the illusion that you do stroll because more than most you seem to have time to enjoy!! I say again illusion, I know it is. I also know how you know just how to value the little tiniest things and make it seem you have time for everyone. I cheer you…..and love you xx

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