A different view

Perspective. View from askew. A difficult day can be transformed by looking at the world through someone else’s eyes. Magically this lesson was delivered to me by one who doesn’t know of perspective…in the traditional sense. Neither the message nor the teacher were traditional today.

It is my privilege to spend time with my girl’s friends and have many opportunities for such lessons. Today was special…and timely. Such a simple scene. A bunch of students hanging out at lunch time. Sitting in the sun. Two on a wooden bench. Four in their wheelchairs. Three feeding pumps alarming intermittently. Five primary kids and one senior student. Is it a maths lesson you ask? No. It is one of humanity and joy.

The big kid was relishing her role as mentor. Her voice sing-songed through a story of poltergeists with a  young audience hanging on every word. She politely introduced herself to me and resumed her tale. What transfixed me and filled me with admiration? She was reading with her fingers.

Every child in that scene faces challenges on a daily basis that would make many adults’ toes curl but is was so…natural. They were sitting, reading, listening. As I watched, the challenges of my morning drifted away into the air  with this gorgeous girls’ words. For I was witnessing kids who can and do every day, where some may only see cannot.


3 thoughts on “A different view

  1. It is Tania’s sister here and I am a special school teacher and can really relate to what you say. Very special moments and brings life all into perspective.

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