Big girl now

She’s growing up. I can see it and celebrate it and dread it all at the same time. It’s a wiggly walk to teenage-hood. Little changes in attitude and body. This week was more of a smack over the head approach to parenting a pre-teen. Her new wheelchair is great but it’s so much more difficult to lift her out of and she is becoming so tall. The time has come to use the hoist.

I probably should have been hoisting her for a while now, as they do at school, but she is my baby. This is yet another version of letting go. Not easy but I bit the bullet. The hoist has been collecting dust and dirt and, more recently, rain splatters on the deck for some time. Finally, I called Bill the hoist man and madly cleared the grime off just before he arrived (couldn’t possibly appear as slack as I am…funny creatures aren’t we!) A new battery, the moving parts serviced and it is good to go.

It is not a particularly difficult thing or even unexpected but it’s still a thing. Something else to deal with. It will be more time consuming to move her from her chair to her bed …and without a cuddle on the way. I think that’s what upsets me. Yet another piece of equipment in our lives and seemingly less humanity.

I need to wrap my head around not merely the fact that she is growing up but that this is exactly what she should be doing. It is a complex process raising a child with the thoughts and hopes of a double digit kid but the care needs of a baby. Quite challenging to strike a balance. Having more insight and acceptance than me, I am sure she will help me along. As Fergie said “It’s time to be a big girl now, and big girls don’t cry.” She won’t cry. Me on the other hand…


2 thoughts on “Big girl now

  1. 😦
    Maybe little mumna can climb into bed next to your tall girl for a good night cuddle…. That would have both of you giggling.
    Hope this transition is smooth for both of you. X

    • For sure! The advantage of an electric bed is that I can take it down low and hop on. She thinks it’s a “there were two in the bed and the little one said” game…and I’m the one to fall out, of course, as she cacks herself laughing! It is a tricky time and despite all I said in the post I haven’t actually hoisted yet…I think I’ll let the support workers start and I’ll catch on.Thank you 🙂

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