The dread is creeping in. Pre-surgery jitters are playing havoc with my stomach. Butterflies my arse, it feels more like pterodactyls. This is one of the things we do. One of those things that no parent wants to deal with. Worrying about anaesthetic and if the procedure will work. Watching your baby in pain. It’s not fun people…but we will do it and she will be far more gracious than I.


You see cerebral palsy begins with many a “won’t be able to” and morphs into lots of “have to”s. She won’t be able to walk. She’ll have to wear AFO’s, have her hips checked regularly for sublocation and almost certainly have orthopaedic surgery. She won’t be able to eat. She’ll therefore not develop the skills to speak and have to use alternate communication methods. …etc. Today etc will have to do to complete the list. The old pearl “journey” comes to mind. We are adding another step on the way.


Many friends are the hanging out in the orthopaedic ward this winter so we are in good company. (Although we’d all rather meet at the pub!) Missy’s procedure is relatively minor so I am grateful for that. And all is not lost…we have stories and Playschool and chocolate and the knowledge that many are tromping this road with us. Chookas to us all.




4 thoughts on “Pterodactyls

  1. But the great leap forward from the days of old it the wording… it used to be “She’ll never…” too many kids proved the doctors wrong. I’m not saying she’ll take on the world and win, but she can win some of her own challenges and inspire those around her.. a HUGE leap forward from the archaic days.
    From one mum who takes her daughter to the theatre to a special mum who takes hers to the operating theatre. Much love to you all. xxx

  2. “she’ll never ” doesnt exist in your mind Shelley and Miss K thinks the same way this is a great leap forward , than the old days of “leave em in the wheelchair” Great Nan saw Kiah not her difference watching Kiah and Dervla together watching each other is the epitome “she’ll never”
    love yah dad

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