Diary of a hoister

Early days…

It is actually happening several times a day…and its seems a miracle every time. What is this miraculous occurrence you ask? A new building reaching for the sky? A midwife witnessing a birth? Well, these are more deserving of the miracle moniker. My claim may be a little exaggerated but it’s how it feels right now. The many elements coming together…the girl cooperating, me reigning in the swear words, the battery being charged, remote working, clips clipping. I whinged a few weeks back about the imminence of hoisting. Well it’s here and, as expected, I don’t like it. But I’m doing it and becoming faster and more competent if not more fond.

A week in…

We are getting in the swing (pardon the pun). Some modifications have been made. Transferring the girl from bed to chair is quite smooth now. Chair to bed not so much. This kid needs a lot of seating support so undoing all of the bits and bobs to slide the hard backed sling behind her, creates a head-flopping  wiggly-worm. Thankfully, for my sanity, her carers are having trouble too. The sling is inappropriate and the hoist clunky to move on carpet. So enough with the complaints, time to get practical. There must be something better. There is…potentially. And so a game of phone tag with the portable ceiling hoist dude has ensued.

Day 13…

I slept the sleep of anxious anticipation. You know the one…the night before a flight, job interview or hospital procedure. All I had to do was get a kid on a bus. I was apprehensive about how long the hoisting would take and worried I would sleep in. The solution? Wake at least every hour for the six hours you happen to be in bed just to make sure. With a 7:15am bus arrival and dressing to be done, a tube feed to begin and a whole heap of medications to deliver it’s understandable. The miss was such a good helper. So, bleary eyed, I went through the process, ticked every box and wheeled out to roadside early. Yes early. That’s unusual for me on a normal day!


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