The Legacy

There are people, extraordinary people, that leave quite an impression in their wake. Not the gung-ho “look at me I’m fabulous” kind, that may well be fabulous but we all hear about it. No, I mean the ones who quietly change the way we think and live. Those who snaffle a piece of out hearts with just a look.  There is one such treasure who is always in my heart and often on my mind. She sends her lessons from afar now ….but I still get them.

Today I thought of her as Missy stood proudly in her walker, still in two purple casts, ready to stretch her legs. My intention was for her to wear braces and just stand. Hers was to take a few steps…in two heavy casts. As I marvelled at her tenacity I wondered where she gets her strength. The girl often chats with friends who are no longer with us (in the traditional sense). I am sure she has her own inner reserves of determination (she does have red hair you know) and I hope she knows how well she is supported but I also think she does the hard stuff for her friends who no longer can. For such a young kid, and one with big obstacles in her way, she has a great sense of appreciation for what she has and what she can do. Her friends have taught her that.

My lesson is also one of appreciation. On this occasion a joyful one. I stopped and revelled in that moment. More commonly I draw on her message in difficult times. The hoist drives me crazy.  I am sick of (insert any one of: doing so much washing, cleaning vomit off the carpet, measuring so many meds, charging suction, pump, communication device…blah blah). I don’t like hospitals.  Missy is growing up and getting heavier, exactly as she should be. And I know that, as hard as it can be, I will do whatever I have to for as long as it needs to be done. I ache today for my friends who wish they were still doing the hard stuff…. because not doing it is the hardest of all. Their girl has left her quiet impression and still teaches her lessons in the sparkle of a star. Winnie the Pooh is indeed  a wise old bear. My hope is that his words ring true today….. “If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together…there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we are apart…I’ll always be with you.” A. A. Milne

Always remembered


5 thoughts on “The Legacy

  1. I find myself thinking of your “getting bigger” one at very odd times of the day, She just pops into my thoughts and I smile.
    “My intention was for her to wear braces and just stand. Hers was to take a few steps…in two heavy casts” You cant teach this type of things to kids, it is just in them. Your girl is a teacher. Despite everything she manages to teach people about the world, sometimes but not always through your words. What a team you are!

    I remember hearing Julie Andrews talking once about being an author and not being able to sing anymore (to standard she once could) her daughter pointed out that she still sang her songs, but they were in the written form of children’s stories now.

    Its the message that counts, not always the delivery


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