World CP Day

It’s World CP Day. Cerebral Palsy affects my girl, and therefore our family trio, every day in every way. Some of that is a challenge, some of it is heartbreaking. Much of it is hilarious and inspirational. Every daily task is different, every move slower and every big decision multi-layered.

I came across an interesting infographic which laid bare, but neatly, the many aspects and various statistics relating to CP. The quad-di-hemi-plegias; the GMFCS levels; the one in three or four or five for various associated impairments.  While it is important to recognise these details for us it comes back to people. When someone sees a special kid not a “special” kid it’s a win for us… and for them!  The lessons I have learnt and people we have meet continue to amaze me. To my girl who teaches every day…you are a treasure.


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