I paused today. It was one of those moments where there is a choice. To fob off a child’s request (again) simply to rush off and do some task or other…or to stop. My choice had me kneeling on the floor next to a wheel with my head on her lap. Then magic happened. The kid who struggles to make her muscles obey gently drew her arm up and around my shoulder.

I thought of the first time she managed the littlest of cuddles. I had marvelled at her choice, her effort and cried. It seems a small thing. Cuddles are expected from our children. Isn’t that one of the best perks? “Your child has cerebral palsy” translates to issues with walking and maybe talking. So, as heartbreaking as it is, one lets go of the hope of a cherub running toward you yelling “mummy”. But a simple hug. Surely us CP parents can have that .

Sometimes, with a lot of effort and determination from a little person, we can. Today was such a day. She made the effort. Her little face above me beamed…I’m glad I paused.


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