Ho Ho …oh

Halloween was packed up and shipped out so Christmas was on it’s way right? Well the shopping centres seemed to think so and had for quite a while. I love the craziness that is Christmas. The celebrations leading up to it. The catch ups that we always hope to do more frequently…next year. The excuse, or is that reason, to eat lots of scrumptious morsels. There is one big challenge. Presents for a girl whose developmental age doesn’t really change.

More than a challenge. It hurt my head and pained my heart. The search was on for a special something for a very special kid who cannot sit unaided much less walk; cannot use her hands purposefully without assistance yet is so smart and funny and just loves opening pressies. More books…for someone else to read to her? Craft…for someone else to help her make? I would walk into a toy shop…then walk out feeling dejected with the weight of her diagnosis washing over me once again. The whole process made more difficult both seeing other children demanding more and knowing my child would be happy with anything.

What about toys (or rather equipment) made specifically for those with special needs? That word “special” comes with a hefty price tag. A wheelchair swing to use at home, nearly $3000. A machine to turn the pages of a book for her, over $5000…yes really!! She is just a little girl who would like to be excited on Christmas morning. Sigh.

A day of inspiration did come. One shop assistant in particular was kind and helpful. Pretty clothes were purchased. A Bocce set to play with a piece of PVC pipe found to act as a bowling ramp. A craft kit…to do with some help but to enjoy nevertheless. And the piece de resistance…and I Pod. Missy loves her music. She may not be able to push the buttons but she can choose music and she can listen and share and enjoy. The day has now been and gone but she is still smiling. The hurting head was worth it. Her day was joyful…and so was mine. I hope you had a joyful day too.


2 thoughts on “Ho Ho …oh

  1. What a challenge!
    As mums we want our kids to be joyful.
    I’m so pleased you were able to find that special something.
    Is it an iPod touch?
    Get her some fun apps… My boys love elf yourself…. It’ll make miss laugh!
    Happy new year to you all.x

  2. the challenge fades into oblivion when you see missy’s face illuminate with a heart warming smile when she spied the wrapping paper and helped unwrap presents what a great way to see the spirit of Christmas

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