2014…the year of the…..

Horse? At least it is according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. For us I’m not sure what it’s the year of. The girl was born in the year of the Sheep. He’s a rabbit…and I, apparently, am a rooster. I don’t know how the Chinese astrologers predict we shall fare this year but I think it sounds like a very odd zoo. Or a holding pen for Christmas lunch (which I say with some reluctance as a vegetarian!). There is a new animal joining the affray. He’s a monkey so that should add some fun into the mix. Chinese zodiac signs aside, happy new year.

What does the year hold for you and your dear ones? Are you looking ahead with hope or trepidation? In our home I think it will be a little from Column A and a little from column B. Changes are afoot which could well be marvellous once I get past the idea that I hate change. So, little steps at a time, I hope to walk forward as calmly as I can.

Now over to you. I would love to start the year with hope in the air so please share if you are able to. What is your great hope for this new year? My high school science teacher had a saying “I hope you get what you deserve!”. He was always a bit smug that many students didn’t realise it worked both ways. I shall be somewhat gentler. I hope you get what you wish for.


10 thoughts on “2014…the year of the…..

  1. Lovely written as always. I wish for a life of health, love and laughter, for my family, friends and especially for you Shelley. If you get what you deserve, then you shall not want for more. xxx

  2. May 2014 bring you all wish for and more. Enjoy your walk through change.
    I wish for a year of love, laughter, and good health for my family and friends.

  3. I am hoping for change – even though I hate it too. It’s time to change my job. Not by choice, mind you. If it was up to me then I would stay – stuck on the hamster wheel, complaining about it but too weak to jump off it. With that change I will also work on changing my attitude. I stress too much and sweat the small stuff. Mostly work-related so I really need to learn to let go. I will change my negativity to positivity (in all aspects of my life). And I will change the part of me that fears the change. I will embrace it instead. Take it head on and stop hiding from it. And do it all while taking the rejection and disappointment that comes with job searching. Cause like a Hollywood movie, it will all work out great in the end. Happy New Year Shelley!

  4. Shelley, as always, beautifully written! You have the knack of expressing even the worst scenario in a positive & often humorous way. I don’t know how you do it, given your circumstances. Anyway, I wish you all a positive and interesting year! Love from Mum xxxx

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