Uno momento

I had one of those moments today. You know the ones where you are merrily plodding through your day and a thought forces itself into your head. The thought? This is really hard. This life…this set of challenges…this cutting a swathe through the forest of all things disability just to get what your kid needs. Nothing prompted this invasion of my head. In fact I was at school to pick up missy. Her school (for students with high medical and/or physical needs) is a can-do sort of place. The staff are inspired…their muse/(s) a bunch of extraordinary kids. It is a happy place despite the challenges and grief that abound. But today it struck me as a difficult road for them all.

Maybe it was me rather than the setting. It could be left over angst from a wheelchair un-friendly situation last week. It may have been the sight of a bunch a adults huddled around a child in the nurses room. It may be that is actually IS that time of the month…it does happen you know! It was just a moment. One to acknowledge and then move on.  Yet a little bit of it has adhered itself to me. Maybe I just need chocolate!


4 thoughts on “Uno momento

  1. You know I figured it out today…what the moment was. It was grief…the grief that never leaves…that I usually walk alongside…but yesterday it jumped in front of me and I tripped over it in surprise.

    • Shelley, you are remarkable with Kiah, in fact remarkable with both she & Kaiden. I can’t imagine what it’s like for you, even though I try. I try to imagine too the grief you feel. All I can do is love you all. xx Mum/Nanny

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