Saint Valentine died today

He did. It may be the only thing we know about the man who married soldiers for sure…if in fact there was just one Saint named Valentine. Romans may have been the first to associate the day with love during a spring harvest…which I found an interesting “fact” considering no where in the world is it spring in February. So was it Chaucer who first linked to day with the ways of love in his writing? Maybe. Whatever the history, the cynic in me sees the modern “holiday” as a chance for florists to flourish and those unlucky in love to feel the weight of their sadness. But…and it is a big but…why not mark a day to concentrate on the good stuff? My grateful self knows I am lucky to love and be loved. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about the cheesy-lovey-dovey-kissy-sickening variety of love. Love is glorious, friendship invaluable and smile-making something to treasure. So, today I shall remove my cynics hat and make an effort. Little heart shaped chocolates have already been hidden for lunch time surprises. Love – tick. I shall remind at least one friend that they are special to me. Friendship – tick. It is also Random Acts of Kindness Week so I think surprising a stranger is in order. Smile-making – tick.
The world of disability in which I find myself gives constant reminders to appreciate the little things and enjoy life. Give it a go. Get un-cynical and enact a Valentine’s surprise. I dare you! Make a ripple of the kindness variety and let me know how you go. At the very least you will make yourself smile.
Happy un-cynics day to you! 😉


4 thoughts on “Saint Valentine died today

  1. Thank you Shelley for your ripples of kindness continually given to us with your blog. Enjoy your blessings of family and friends today and everyday..

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