Snifle snifle cagh

The sounds of illness abound here today. Everyone is home sick…yes everyone at once. So of course the worry wart (aka me) is on full alert. Missy is having her temperature checked on regular rotation…so the others get a turn too, after all I am already on rounds! Each ward (read bedroom/lounge) has a different show playing on the medicinal television. The two who can eat orally have sipped home made chicken noodle soup and warm lemon and honey drink. Which got me to thinking? What is of comfort to the little one who can’t swallow? Apparently the answer is “Playschool”…constant Playschool. So tonight think of me as I drift of to sleep to the sounds of sniffle, sniffle, cagh, cough, cough, blah while my head plays…”there’s a bear in there”…


What do you find comforting during a case of the sniffles?


9 thoughts on “Snifle snifle cagh

  1. Back to back episodes of sex in the city, if not, true blood or dexter. Those programs take you to a waaaaaay different life and make you forget your troubles. Should be watched with a rum toddy in hand – extra rum included. Hope you feel better soon you three. Sending you good vibes

  2. When I was a child I found great comfort in a dish called”Buttery Broth”.
    It consists of torn white bread in a bowl, butter chunks, salt and pepper and with boiling water to cover. I still do this dish now and find it very therapeutic, though not quite the healthiest dish, it still feels cuddly to a sick me. Xx

  3. Not just when I am feeling crook, but when I am flying solo (aka Hubby goes away) I put on the most atrociously soppy movie called “Follow your heart” it has Leah Rimini (King of Queens) Bernie Kopel (Love Boat and Get Smart) and Ted McGinley (swoon…. Happy Days, Love Boat and I think Married with Children) It really is soppy and quite terrible, but its my comfort movie

    Although.. Play School, Old Play School with John crawling through a tunnel behind Monica saying “I can see the moon” and all his naughty comments and the 3 little speckled frog song from the Everybody Sing VIDEO… my kids are old.. I’m not, they are they do actually make for fun viewing. Now I’m jealous because I don’t have that video anymore, nor do I own a video player.

    OK its in my head now…

  4. I can post it to you… but I’ll need to back for the next flying solo trip.
    That Humpty Opera is one of the longest Play School segments ever.. kind of like Nonis pregnancy. She was pregnant for years (I watched it a lot with my cousins who are now 27 it wasn’t a viewing choice I made)
    Hope the sniffles have gone… sorry for hijacking your blog with Play School!

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