Random Act of Kindness

 In “Saint Valentine died today” I wrote of my intention to perform a random act of kindness. I like the idea of suspended coffees so thought I would use it at my favourite haunt. The owner was puzzled at first. So I asked again. “After I have gone can you please pay for a coffee and give this chocolate rose to the next customer, or to someone you think particularly needs it.” This isn’t a matter of big noting myself, it was just something I wanted to do, but the outcome had me overcome with tears at Bunnings (of all places) when I happened to bump into a coffee shop employee. I am sharing what happened next having never expected to hear it.

That Valentine’s Day I had left with a spring in my step and a smile on my face…already a win. Staff watched the door eagerly for a possible recipient…they were feeling the fun too. After several pairs of customers a lady walked in. How about her? Apparently she wasn’t sure what to order. She asked about prices unsure if she could afford the special milk she really wanted. Definitely her! The decision was made. “Order what you would like, your coffee is paid for today. And please take this too.” She accepted, somewhat stunned but smiling. After her coffee the lady brought her cup to the counter. “Thank you. That was lovely. My son died four months ago so I have been struggling. That was the nicest thing to happen to me in a while.”

Oh my. It was just a coffee. It wasn’t just a coffee to her.


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