The Chocolate Solution

It doesn’t have to be “one of those days” to turn my vice. Today was about the continual slog. The “to do” list that, as a carer (and a parent), never ends. I wouldn’t have it any other way…but…sometimes…you know. My vice? Chocolate (and coffee but choccy is the grab-when-I’m-stressed one).

A lovely friend delivered a cheer-me-up care package a few weeks ago. This morning when the washing pile seemed to have bred overnight (again) I found some of her rescue chocolate. Ahhhh. This evening brought a common question from the man-child. What’s for dessert? “Whatever you are going to make me” replied I my fingers already googling. The result? A recipe for more ahhhhh.  Chocolate self saucing pudding in a mug….IN THIRTY SECONDS. And he made it. By himself ( I have floury, cocoay proof all over the bench!).

It was delicious. So when you day is hard or constant or just a little bleh grab a mug. You are welcome. 🙂


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