In June last year a little blog called Sunshine in Puddles was born. My main intention was to have a reason to write. A motivator. It has been so much more than that to me. To my surprise it has also become of interest to others.

What would I write about that anyone would want to read? Little snippets of my life…our lives…may appeal to family and close friends. I would write; practise a craft I enjoy. I would endeavour to write as I aim to live with a glass half full. My girl used her communication book to choose the name. Actually she wanted “Sunshine in Puddles makes Rainbows” but we kept it simple. But I never thought so much of what I share would be about her. I don’t know why. After all, so much of my life is about her.  

My hope now is to make some ripples of change. To share real stories of joy and challenges and hopes and fears. For I truly believe that part of my role as Missy’s mum is to teach. If just one person reads my words and then shares with a colleague or cousin or friend that smart kids can be playing hide and seek in bodies that don’t cooperate because of cerebral palsy then…well that’s awesome.

So over to you. What would you like to read about? Are there any topics disability related that particularly interest you? Thank you for reading…I appreciate every one of those 3030 reads…and I hope tomorrow brings you sunshine reflected in puddles.


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