Shopping? Yes please!

On Saturday my Missy went shopping. So what? you say. Well, it was the very first time without me. And she loved it!

It is a bit tricky…the looking after of her and the letting go for me. Transport is not straight forward either. It was enough of a challenge to get her a modified vehicle so we certainly don’t have a spare. Enter two can-do young ladies. Both qualified to care…to suction, to give medications….and both caring. One on shift, one along by choice. Borrowing our converted car to take a little girl to the shops to buy some boots.

They bought her a pair of boots for her birthday. She was so excited to open them. Unfortunately they didn’t fit over her orthotics. This is why she has only had sensible shoes so far (apart from a fabulous pair of purple Havaianas which she was very proud of and would stay on her feet hanging above her wheelchair foot plate for at least a minute!). So they offered to take her to the shopping centre to exchange them.

The smile on her face as she left was matched only by the smile when she returned home. Lovely. Especially since I sometimes find balancing what she enjoys with age appropriateness difficult. She still loves to watch Playschool but loves pop music. So an 11 year old girl shopping with friends is perfect! Missy had an issue with reflux while out…apparently the perfect reason (or excuse) to buy a new top. This story was relayed to me with such a conspiring look on all three faces that I could be nothing but proud. She had fun. She was a little independent. She had a bit of a secret from mum. It was all so….for want of a better word….normal. The girl loves to shop…gotta love that girl!


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