I just had to say goodbye to Bob. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry….I cried. Bob will be fine, he’s going to a better place…retirement (that fantasy land of actual time with his grandkids and wife). Missy has been driven to school by this man for all of her four and a half years there. He has been one of the most consistent people in our lives so it’s sad to say farewell. As he said this morning “they tell us not to become attached…but how can I not.” I feel the same Bob. Change has never been my friend. This is even more true in the world of disability.

As mentioned in an earlier blog, letting others take charge of my kid is hard. It was difficult with my boy but even more so with this tricky little girl. She has so much…stuff. Complex care and medical needs which can be life threatening. So it was with trepidation that I wheeled her out to meet the school bus that very first day. The hard “stuff” is also the reason that the relationship that does then develop is closer than it otherwise would be. Support workers and teachers and therapists…and bus drivers…all know so much about us because they have to. Occasionally this makes our family feel exposed. Mostly it opens us up to great possibilities and deeper friendships. It also means days like this will come.

Our thanks goes to Bob. In the rain, hail, wind, early morning darkness and mild summer mornings he greeted us with a smile…and often a weather report. If Missy was grumpy he would promise to take her the bumpy way. He has dealt with coughing and vomit; broken wheelchair and cantankerous bus hoist. May the wheels on your bus keep going round and round. Happy travels



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