Busyness beats blogginess

Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Because Sunshine has been, absent that is. Hopefully sunshine isn’t missing altogether, even in wintry Melbourne, just a little less Sunshine in Puddles. Enough self indulgent rambling. It has been busy here. More so than usual. A fundraiser was afoot.

I should know by now not to mention an event/function/idea in front of certain friends unless I’m prepared for it to happen. Because if I do…it will. They are “can do” kind of folk. That is how “We might have a garage sale before we move” became (read in a talk show echo voice reminiscent of Sale of the Century) Garage Sale Extravaganza. Not that I am complaining, far from it. The event that took place was nothing short of astonishing…befitting the gorgeous people involved.

Community spirit abounded. Local businesses, friends, family, neighbours and strangers all came together to support our Missy girl. I am so humbled and proud to be a part of such a community (and quite overwhelmed). The part that still gets me is when I am thanked. People donate their time and energy or goods and vouchers and then say “Thanks for letting us help”, “Thank you for having me on board”, “Thanks for this great day”. Mind, blown.

This week the busyness is about a sick girl…and a sick mumma. So more to follow on the fun of raising funds and what we were able to achieve….later. But first thank YOU to all who buoy us up with your support.


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