Today I struggled to read an article through my tears. A little boy called Gammy has made a big impact…and brought out some strong opinions. Mostly supportive words spoken. Then there’s the “What would you do if…….?”.

There is no pre-natal test for cerebral palsy. I didn’t have to make a choice because of a diagnostic tool, and I don’t envy those who do. A lot of responses to this particular report were from parents living the life of a “special” parent and loving it. Many were sure they would abort or relinquish if put in that situation….a tough, brave choice And then there were the others. People who think that children like Gammy, like my little girl are a “drain” on society because they “contribute nothing but cost a considerable amount.”

I feel sad. Not for my kid or her friends or for Gammy but sad for these people who calculate worth in columns of costings. My Missy and countless others give their gifts freely every day. They teach, they love. What else is there?


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