Which way up?

My argument was well presented. I did not become overly emotional. Gesticulation was controlled. Percentages were quoted. And yet, I was still howled down. Reinforcements were called. His support was momentary…then he was bribed. Heated words flew back and forward. My argument ending statement? “Someone get me a cup of tea. I’m writing a blog!”

This is how it went down {or rather didn’t!}. I finished getting Missy organised for bed with a slight jig from foot to foot …if you know what I mean 😉 . I then complained loudly outside a closed door as the old bloke beat me to it. As I entered the smallest room in the house…relief turned to horror. The seat was up! I mean really. He knew I was about to pay a visit. “Hey. What’s with the seat up when you knew I was heading there?” “Oh don’t start with that. What is the issue with a woman’s arm that she can’t put it back down?” Well! I’ll tell you what.

Giving full dues to the fact that this house has two persons of the male persuasion, if we consider the percentage of time using the loo the majority would be spent seated. Now we are not looking at frequency of visits here but time of use. Considering I, the female of the house, am always seated and the majority of boy time is also sitting I argue that the natural resting position of the toilet seat should be down! Yes you heard me men of the world. D O W N! Mostly I don’t complain about this issue but my ire was riled by this visit after visit scenario.

The question was asked. “Why do you choose the position of the seat?” I reiterated the percentage-time logic. Then the words spilled out of my mouth with finger pointed….”B e c a u s e. I clean it!”


2 thoughts on “Which way up?

  1. ”B e c a u s e. I clean it!”
    The only 4 words that are needed..

    I remember being horrified when my young only male child was shown by his older cousin that you could stand up and pee…. what a sad day that was!

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