The Big Boy

The man-child is growing up. As I write, he is in the midst of a pre-driver training course. I can picture him lapping it up…so to speak. The oft forgotten, or at least somewhat overlooked, “Y chromosome in da house” is a delight to watch. It is still easy to regret the passing of time but, mostly, I revel in the grown-up he is becoming.

Over the last few weeks he has turned sixteen, studied for and passed his driving learners test, got his first facial piercing and started to look at buying his first car. This is big stuff people! I tend to be one for stress in anticipation. True to form, the approach to sixteen has been rocky…for me, not him. But, now that we are here, it’s all good. Fabulous in fact. Don’t get me wrong. We still have teenage “issues”…a bomb is required to wake him before noon and the hair is washed on a “mum’s nagging is now too loud to ignore” basis. Minor really.

During these holidays he has regularly stumbled out of his bed to help lift his sister from hers {then stumble back!}. She gazes at him in adoration – especially since the piercing! He’s a good kid…teenager…man-child…person. He’s an ace person.

The awful truth of hanging about in the severe disability/high medical needs world is…kids die. They shouldn’t, they really shouldn’t, but they do. So I try, on the days when I can, to enjoy watching my kids grow up…exactly as they should be. Today is one of those days.

………For Miss P, Miss C, Miss A, Master T, Master E and all of the other angels…….


4 thoughts on “The Big Boy

  1. Thank you for so poetically sharing the truth that I have nothing to complain about… even on “those” days.
    Happy birthday to the Y chromosome and may his sister always watch him with adoration and wonderment xx

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