Just one of those days

Welcome to throw-back-Thursday. I wrote this piece during a creative writing class back in 2011. It is just as relevant to me today.

Motorised haven stationary in a sea of exhaust

Park, lift, push buttons, rush, waiting room full

Agitated air but green light…all clear

Walking back past sad, tired faces in oncology

For us it’s  just one of those days.

It won’t stop; getting worse, shaking body and faraway eyes

Sickening realisation, need help 0 0 0

Cavalry arrives – calm, reassuring; have to travel but no siren

White coats, medicine, tests, time…we can go home

This time just one of those days.

Tubes, syringes, vomit, nappy explosion, washing

Mail, messages, calls, orders, emails, following up

All themed alike – medical,management, advocacy

Screaming for air; drowning under the weight of responsibility

F*#%…it’s one of those days.

Opportunities to learn, to grow, to love, to accept

A secret club of knowing, sharing with similar souls

Time plods on; survival, even happiness

Christmases, birthdays blend with hospital visits…life is OK

After all, it is just one of those days.


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