What Does Autism Awareness Even Mean?

Most often I write about my life, our life with cerebral palsy and the victories and challenges that accompany it. Our foray into the world of additional needs has made us many amazing friends. A lot of these friends own smiles and tears are because Autism is part of their lives. Tomorrow is Autism Awareness Day. Here is a blog that offers heartfelt insight…you may need a tissue, I did. To all our friends on the Autism Spectrum and those who love and care for them.

Carrie Cariello

April is Autism Awareness Month.

I’m not sure when this tradition started. Does anyone out there know? I would research it but I’m in the middle of eating a huge, yummy cinnamon roll from Cinnabon and I don’t feel like multi-tasking.

But it’s a curious thing, this awareness.

When my sister and I were kids, we would play a game where we’d say a word over and over again until it lost all of its meaning.

aware aware aware aware aware

Then we’d try to think of as many rhymes as we could.

Aware, despair, somewhere. To stare.

But what does autism awareness really even mean?

I know, it a chance to celebrate unusual, to rejoice in ideas like inclusion and integration and bright, colorful days. It’s an opportunity to educate the public about why our kiddos may throw huge tantrums in Costco or jump up and down in the…

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