March…not for the feint hearted

There was a competition today. What was the best thing that happened in March? So I entered. We had a rough month. Can you tell?

April. The best thing about March in our house was that we survived until April. The man-child became sick which meant so did his sister. Cerebral palsy complicates a simple cold for her so she ended up in hospital on oxygen. I was long overdue for a break from caring but a sick kid can’t go to respite so a mad juggle ensued so she could be looked after at home by a gorgeous (and large) bunch of people. A road trip for me…two nights off. Good stuff right? Yes…and no. Mechanical hiccoughs meant a longed for car club event didn’t go to plan. So me and the man-man return home. The girl is off school for a little longer then the “normal” routine re-starts…for two whole days. Man-man, abdominal pain, emergency department, hospital admission and unexpected surgery. So, the first of April may be a giggle for some but, for us, it was a relief.

Come on April…show us what you’ve got!

Check out one of my favourite bloggers for future competitions …you too may have something to say.


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