Today the man-child put a dream in an envelope. I sent it with the hope that he gets what he deserves. There was much encouragement to apply. And some advice about tricky questions. But only because he doesn’t see his life the way I do. His life is just his life…and his sister just his sister. But, the truth is, he is a young carer.

“I don’t do much” was his line. But his mates don’t rise early in the holidays to help get their sister out of bed. They probably don’t fetch, tote and carry as much as he does. Nor would they have such intimate knowledge of the medical field. The average sixteen year old doesn’t have to time a seizure, watch the ambulance leave and wonder what will happen next. And I’m pretty sure most aren’t subjected to endless hours of Playschool by a twelve year old…with a smile.

He adores his sister and accepts his life well. Carers Victoria recognise that young carers often miss out…on time, on activities, on special treats. So they, along with Rotary, have implemented a scholarship. A little something just for them. For education or recreation purposes that the young person would really like but not ordinarily manage given their circumstances. So, I hope my boy gets what he wants. But mostly, I would like him to be successful in order to be recognised…and to see in himself what I see.


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