The Divine Ms M

While making dinner my mind wandered to what tomorrow has in store. Oooo it’s Thursday so I will see you. I thought.  But I won’t. Tomorrow is Thursday but you don’t come anymore. It’s been three weeks now and Friday eves are just not the same. No one has died…but our world has changed.

It is such an oddity to have someone so quickly get to know your daily routine. To hang out in your home when you are not there. And to even be privy to what the messy drawer contains! It can (did) seem like an invasion when first you enter the disability world. There are so many people to help/run/fill up your life. I have had times of wondering about the necessity of it all. It was once a relief when we lost case management because at least there would be one less meeting. Largely that’s just the way life is for us and the people are lovely. But sometimes we are blessed with a diamond.

Support workers come into our circle because we need them. It can be a tough gig. Being close to a little girl and her family while still keeping professional distance is a juggle. The responsibility of implementing medical training while on your own in a private home can weigh heavily. There is no MET team at the ready here. No big red button on the bedroom wall. But some treasures do it gladly…and very well. Ms M is one such gem. She has been with us for seven years!

We miss her. For a long time now she has been so much more then a carer. I could arrive home , have her help get Missy into bed and debrief about whatever obstacle we had that day. Counsellor…check. She had experience in this disability world…a fountain of equipment/process/funding knowledge. Advice…check. She was…is…such a great communicator with our girl and loved to share stories and music. Teacher…check.

Things have changed. For her and so for us. It is the right thing. It is not easy though. But now there doesn’t need to be professionalism. Now we can change in a good way. Now she can just be friend…check.


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