The Little Things

Under the guise of “I’ll feel better if I write about it” I was about to blog a whinge. A big one. I had gone to the extent of researching the effect of stress hormones on the body. Because surely I have lots of them surging around me in the last few days. First, I thought actually eating lunch {at 3pm} and having a coffee ay my favourite café would help. So I grabbed the mail and sat.

Then I opened the mail and cried. In a good way. And in public. You see, while cars can break and some may not do their jobs  the way you think they should {read ~ my way 🙂 } there are good folk out there. Thoughtful, kind people. It is often a little thing that tips me over the edge into the land of stressed, grumpy mum. But it is also seemingly small gestures that lift me up. Friday was a bad day. Awful. But I was lucky enough to receive kind messages, unexpected flowers, a gorgeous chauffeur and a mystery box of delicious kindness. And today, on the edge of grumpy-dom, the post came.

I don’t really know how much to say about the two people who made my day. One is a mum whose life has thrown her some big challenges lately and whom I admire greatly for her tenacity and determination. And the other  a young lady with a charitable heart who could teach adults a whole lot about community spirit. They both wrote to thank me. The thoughtfulness it took to put pen to paper and actually find a stamp touched me. The words they wrote brought tears.

In a week where the constancy of care and washing and juggling problems has me flailing their appreciation {when I didn’t even do anything} was much appreciated.


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