A diagnosis of severe cerebral palsy in  a child can crush “normal” expectations. Will she drive? Will she have kids? Will she ever sing or dance? Will she read? Will she play sport? Missy may be reading but these questions mainly go unexpressed…and unanswered. Until today. An answer came today.

Most of her education and therapy is at a specialised school. But one day a week she attends her local school with the kids from her kinder. She loves it. And she has a dynamite team working with her. Staff who don’t ask if…but how. So today she played T ball…in a team…with her class mates…against other schools…like most kids do. Except she’s not most kids. And her fine motor skills required for sport are very limited. Her determination though is boundless and matched by that of team both on and off the field.

It was freezing on that playing field this morning but her face shone above many layers of clothes. She wore her sports top, for the first time, with pride. And she played. She hit the ball (with a little help) then a team mate ran for her…gladly. It was a pleasure to watch. She gazed at her glove while waiting for the ball to come near while fielding. She beamed.

Today none of the other questions mattered. Because she played in a team. And she was so happy about it.


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