The Gift

Three years have passed. The love that sustained this family still lives in a mums heart intermingled with her grief. Thinking of you yesterday and often Miss A.

sunshine in puddles

They say firsts are the worst but I don’t think seconds and thirds are any easier . Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day…your baby’s birthday, then the anniversary. Losing a child is the ultimate loss. The pinnacle of human suffering. It is wrong in all sorts of ways and just shouldn’t happen….but it does. I have shared such heartbreak with dear friends. This week marks an anniversary. I wrote this story a year ago. It was a story that had to be written. I share it today, names intact with permission, to honour this mum and daughter and two other pairs of mums and daughters who too have  been cruelly separated.  This is Annabelle’s story.

Grey pillows allow a hint of sun to peek through. I imagine the light is her, little Annabelle. Well wishers are dressed in sombre tones matching the sky above. Sadness emanates from every person there but love…

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