My kids both amaze me. They are both compassionate, caring and smart people. The clever bits are more difficult for most people to see in our girl. Not talking {in the traditional sense} tends to make some folk miss her intelligence. But tonight it shone. She needed something and let us know loud and clear.

The bed time routine around here is involved and lengthy. There are a plethora of medications to measure and deliver. A book to read. The usual PJs on and toileting after transferring to her bed from her wheelchair. She then needs a drink of water through her PEG and air vented out. Tooth brushing…face washing….special cleaning of her sore chin and cream applied. By the time we say goodnight a marathon  has been run. But tonight she protested. Her bed side was raised and we were walking out but she said “Mum no!”.

Sometimes she can be reluctant for us to leave so I list the bedtime routine to reassure her that all has been done and it’s time to sleep. Tonight she listened, expectantly. Then I got to one medication and her eyes lit up. I had forgotten it. She knew and she wasn’t going to let us leave without getting her point across. I’m so proud. And so was she…with a little “I told you so” glint in her eye. The kid is a rock star!


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