The Legacy

Always remembered…then and now.

sunshine in puddles

There are people, extraordinary people, that leave quite an impression in their wake. Not the gung-ho “look at me I’m fabulous” kind, that may well be fabulous but we all hear about it. No, I mean the ones who quietly change the way we think and live. Those who snaffle a piece of out hearts with just a look.  There is one such treasure who is always in my heart and often on my mind. She sends her lessons from afar now ….but I still get them.

Today I thought of her as Missy stood proudly in her walker, still in two purple casts, ready to stretch her legs. My intention was for her to wear braces and just stand. Hers was to take a few steps…in two heavy casts. As I marvelled at her tenacity I wondered where she gets her strength. The girl often chats with friends who are…

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