We are here!

CP Awareness Day has rolled around again…dodgy pun intended. The campaign this year has centred around staking your place on a map. To virtually shout loud and proud…” I /someone I care about has CP and this is my/our story”. I meant to join in…I really did. But life has been extra busy here. And I guess that is the point.

To our family Missy is many things before she is a diagnosis. She is a smart kid, an adoring sister, a loving daughter, a caring friend. She is patient and clever and forgiving and funny and…did I mention patient? She has been sick. For many weeks now. Cerebral palsy may not define her but it does have an effect on many aspects of her life. Her health is one of them. So, this year, this day finds us on the upswing of a very trying time with very little energy to wax lyrical about her story, what CP means to us or the changes we would like to see.

Suffice to say…I love this kid. She has extraordinary strength and teaches me about my own every day. What does World CP Awareness Day mean to you?


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