On Friday she won an award. Not a token for being the kid in the chair but a well deserved and appropriate recognition of her perseverance. It is one of the things she does best…persevering…and one of the things she has had to pull out frequently this year. Third term consisted of illness, hospital, home and very little school for her. So to receive a “Bounce Back” award was ace.

The award says “For her terrific determination and persistence to complete her work after returning to school. We missed you K and love having you back in the classroom with such a positive attitude. Great work!”. Fabulous! And this follows a big day last week when the kid received a nomination. A fellow student nominated her to be school captain next year. S c h o o l C a p t a i n! That’s huge for any kid especially for one who is non verbal. So this week she delivered a speech to her grade 5/6 cohort. She is enormously proud and wrote a speech about her qualities and why she loves her school that was stunning in its maturity. She delivered it using her voice output device apparently to a round of applause.

I was there at assembly on award Friday ready to snap away when a fellow parent asked if I brought tissues. I didn’t expect tears, just smiles. And smile I did as her name was announced and her aide helped her to the stage. Missy was so very proud. To make the morning even brighter her prep buddy received an award too. Two gorgeous girls who both have to work that bit harder to achieve. Both acknowledged  for their contribution to their school.

My kid beamed as she wheeled back to her spot. I kept smiling and taking photos . Then it happened. The simplest thing. The Grade 5’s and 6’s all high fived her as she went past. Oh my. These kids are so accepting and awesome. Can someone please pass me a tissue? I think I have something in my eye.


4 thoughts on “Star

  1. I’m so happy for all of you – the teachers who see her potential; the classmates who see her as capable instead of an object of pity; your daughter for putting in the work; and you for being her cheerleader. Good on ya!

  2. I absolutely love your first sentence “not a token for being a kid in a chair”! It’s not a time for pity but for celebration! Congrats!

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