Change is in the air

The house is so very quiet. It happens every time they head back to school. But this year feels a little different. This year they have both moved up the ladder. The boy is now in VCE with only two years of school left…eeek! And the girl….she is currently enjoying (I hope) her first day of senior school….s e n i o r. Being at two schools with slightly different criteria tomorrow she has her first day of Grade 6…her final year of Primary school. A year of endings and beginnings at the same time.

Many families are tackling the push and pull of change this week. As children begin primary or high school our babies suddenly look like giants . There will be tears and smiles and lots of sighing…and that’s just the parents. If Missy is anything to go by the kids will adjust and embrace their new challenges a little faster than mum and dad. Having said that yesterday my girl was nervous. Her senior campus is on the same site as her old primary but expectations and some of the people will be new.  After a few chats she downgraded her apprehension from “frightened” to “a bit worried”. So is was with trepidation that I put her on the bus this morning. She was wearing a little smile which I hope stayed and grew wider as she saw her friends.

Change is not my thing. So I have been (am) struggling  with newness of this school year. But it is more than that. For a kid like Missy the future after school is less what will she chose to do and more what will she be able to access. Will she be able to access further study if she wishes? Will she be able to engage in meaningful  interaction with her community? Will she be able to work? Who knows. So today is a big step closer to that uncertainty. For now I will try to remain hopeful….and live in the present. To all families heading into new stages this week…all the best of luck. May your children find their feet quickly and may you have a stash of good wine and/or chocolate close by.


2 thoughts on “Change is in the air

  1. Our lives are so full of uncertainty, and I (like you) don’t like change. I like a plan that (ahem) goes to plan….but that just doesn’t happen in our families, does it?! I love your final sentence! Best wishes with school, I especially hope Missy isn’t feeling ‘a bit worried’ for long.

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