Today has been about contemplation. As I sat quietly under a completely cloudy night sky I looked up. The clouds had parted in an almost perfect circle revealing exactly two stars. The pointers looked down at me as I gazed up at them. Alpha Centauri shining a little brighter than her partner Beta.

I had a chat with them…as you do. For they perfectly represented my pondering. One a little more showy than the other. Each pointing the way for the other depending on the direction you looked. Both stunningly bright.

The wind picked up and the clouds began to move. From earth the stars themselves looked like they were flying. A tiny shooting star passed behind them both. Then they began to be dimmed by the cloud as one, then the other disappeared from my sight. But they hadn’t gone. Their light still shone just as brightly I simply couldn’t see them anymore. They continued to twinkle in another place.

That is how I think of you both today…shining on just out of our reach.


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