A bat a cat and a rabbit

The rabbit leapt and went straight for her neck. Meredith yelled “You’re supposed to be a vegetarian!” Meredith flung blankets off sweaty and with a racing heart. “What was that?” She spoke to no one in particular because there was no one. He had gone.

Every morning for the first week was a different version of sameness. The rabbit never reappeared but she had wrangled with a bat, been late for a flight and gone to school with no undies on. “Freud would have a ball with this lot.” She muttered to a house plant. Everyone needs a sounding board . Bunnings had supplied hers.

As the full circle of a new Monday approached she decided cleansing was in order. Usually she hated cleaning but shiny windows now made her smile. The bed was stripped and adorned in the floral cover he hated. She sorted paperwork that had been procrastinating in a pile. Incense smoke danced in the breeze of an open window.

The first round of snoozing her alarm the next day came with  a realisation. Calm. She squinted into the dark hoping for a memory of the dream that hadn’t rocked her. There was a taxi…or an Uber. She had heaved their tatty suitcase into boot and slammed it with a satisfying thud. His protesting voice came from behind her in the body of the guy from the post office. A tail grew from the base of his spine and dipped between his legs as he slumped into the Ubers back seat. She turned and walked. A bat, cat and rabbit stood clapping their paws. Her waking self smiled with the memory of her dreaming self. She was ok. And he was gone.