Class of 2016

This is it. The culmination of 7 years…12 years…39 years. I didn’t anticipate when my family moved to this little foothills town 39 years ago that my children would attend the same lovely school as me but they have. And now they won’t.

What began again twelve years ago with her brother was celebrated last week and will finish tomorrow.¬† Our gorgeous girl is growing up and moving on, just as she should, and she’s excited. Me? I’m sad and nervous and not ready. I have (because it’s all about me ūüėČ ) been an emotional sop all week. I cried watching kids I didn’t know at the school concert, ¬†am getting mushy over Christmas ads and bawled on graduation day when I bumped my hand. It is a big change but when I say it’s all about me that is just the sadness. The excitement and celebration is all about her.

Missy has conquered this primary school thing. She has had to adapt to a noisier, busier setting every Friday and work in a different way. The girl has friends. She has learnt…and she has taught. Last Thursday she popped on¬†the dress she chose and proudly joined her graduating class…just as she should. (I was the one harbouring wads of tissues!) Tomorrow is her final day. She will have her bear signed and join her friends for final assembly. (I will again be the one with the tissues.)

To you my gorgeous kid….the next stage of life now unfurls itself at your feet.¬†Make the most of every opportunity. Take chances. Shine your light. Be brave. And if you could turn back every now and then to pass me a tissue I’d be ever so grateful. ¬†Go and enjoy. {{sniff}}


A big day

Kids grow up…that’s what they are supposed to do…if you are very lucky. I have friends whose angels couldn’t stay. Seeing how hard the loss of a child hits I mostly feel privileged to watch my children grow. I say mostly because there are still days like today. Days when I would like to slow time a little. But maybe these days are another reminder to appreciate the little moments.

Today is big. Or should I say she is big, and getting bigger. The girl attends two schools. One a mainstream and one in the special setting. Today she graduates from primary at one school. Next year she will be in senior school. S E N I O R.  She is so excited about the ceremony today but, as you may be able to tell, I am having a little trouble getting my head around it. It is often the way.

On my way to school shortly I will try to embrace the change ahead with a fortifying coffee in hand…and maybe some rescue remedy. I am aiming low. My goal is to not ugly cry. A few tears that can be wiped in a lady-like manner with a lace hanky would be fine. I am hopeful I can simply smile and enjoy her fun. So hopeful that I am wearing mascara! But those who know me well would suggest I grab a box of tissues and stop kidding myself!

Anyway….back to the kid. She is a delight. She is sweet and funny. She is so very smart. She is forgiving and understanding. She has a great sense of adventure. So for all of these qualities and more she will rock it today. And I shall be there to cheer her on tissues in hand. Go get ’em kid…big school and more adventures await!