Sweet 16 and never…

Tomorrow my sweet girl turns sixteen. I can’t believe we are here. I feel blessed to have her and surprised at the speed time is moving. In Kmart the other day I asked what sort of birthday cake she would like and what she might like to take to school when she goes back. She said cupcakes and “Sweet kissed not.” “Oh”, I replied in a matter-of-fact that’s-a-cute-theme way. Then, a pause, and “Ohhh”, in a this-is-bigger-than-cake-toppers wobbly-voiced way. She has heard it many times in the last couple of weeks….sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

I don’t know what it means to her. I haven’t been game to ask. To me…it makes me sad. While I have every expectation that this feisty kid will live her life well and on her own terms I can’t foresee what that might look like. This kid is so loved and yet birthday party invitations are rare. She has lovely friends but never has she had a sleep over. Life is pretty good but different. Relationships are difficult for us all to build and maintain and she has a few extra challenges. Will she find a special friend who will recognise the worth of getting to know her?

This birthday eve I was hoping not to ponder a big question. This annual night has a tradition of finding the grief that has been silently walking alongside and throwing it in my path. Contemplating the meaning of life and love is important and significant. It is also risks derailing my heart. All young ladies should be able to titter behind their hands with friends over that special someone. I’m not saying she can’t or won’t I just recognise the extra layer of trickiness that will entail if she does indeed wish to titter. Sigh. Sweet 16 and never been kissed…yet. I shall bow to higher wisdom and leave it at that and up to her.  Happy birthday gorgeous girl.